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Treating Lazy Eyes With A Joystick

Technology in medicine is making some embarrassing episodes of our youth into anachronisms. For example, 4% of children suffer from amblyopia (lazy eye) which normally can be corrected by wearing a patch for a total of 500 hours. Nobody wants to be the kid wearing the eye patch because no kid volunteers to get picked on.

Now Tel Aviv University’s eye and brain specialist Dr. Uri Polat of the Goldschleger Eye Research Institute has developed a computer therapy that could spare kids from the ugly eye patch, letting them enjoy themselves during therapy.

Not only can the problem be solved with a computer program specially designed for the task, it is done much more efficiently.

A leading expert in lazy eye syndrome recently assessed Dr. Polat’s invention and found that twenty hours in front of Dr. Polat’s computer treatment had the same effect as about 500 hours of wearing an eye patch.

Currently, they are taking the treatment regimen and turning into a fun interactive game so children don’t get bored going through it. This treatment plan already has the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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